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rprIn order to recover a Poweredge RAID, you have to ensure that you do it the right way. A lot of individuals who lost their files because of a RAID breakdown attempt to fix it according to their rather limited knowledge and computer skills. However, if they fall short and unsuccessfully recover the RAID, it’s often because they don’t even have a parts diagram. They end up wasting their time and money because they have recover a now severely damaged parity disk. So if you encounter a RAID breakdown, the best thing to do is sit there. Be calm. Find a credible RAID recovery specialist.. Most of these technicians know how to recover Poweredge RAID often by running through a bank of their proprietary tests. But not everyone is absolutely skilled when it comes to recovering this kind of server. It’s always good to check with the Dell website to see if there is a licensed RAID repair company in your area. Read the rest of this entry »