Writing makes it all better, believe me.

We’re back. Many of you thought we were gone, and gone for good, but you’ve been wrong.

With this site, I hope to explore one of the rounds of literature that is barely touched upon in our media obsessed times. I wasn’t talking about young adult literature. Yes, I do not feel as if I am over pronouncing when I use the word “literature”. In fact, I fugitive genres always been looked down upon even though it has brought so many exciting authors to the forefront. I know that in the years to come, history will look upon the folks with a lot more respect than it is currently dealt. This is because young adults are slowly discovering that the realm of fiction that is directly dependent is a lot better than what many critics say. In fact, is creating new heroes and villains for an entire new generation that will respect them for years to come.

The foundation is back, and it’s still living because of the many donations of some of the most generous people around America. It is because of this that we are able to continue our work, and stick to our message. Which, of course, is to help.

Without help, there is nothing.